Get Help Manufacturing Your New Product

Get Help Manufacturing Your New Product

New product manufacturing can be a daunting task. You’ve already created the concept, now how do you turn your idea into a physical, revenue-generating product? To bring your creation to market, you’ll need a professional product design, a prototype, manufacturing, and fulfillment before it can be displayed on store shelves. At RedFox Manufacturing, we can take you from concept to sales floor. We walk you through every step, ensuring that your product idea becomes a reality.   


Get Help Manufacturing Your New Product


You have the idea. Let us bring that vision to life. Many things go into designing a product: market research, its functionality, visual appeal, and even packaging. RedFox has experience with all types of products in dozens of fields. So whether you’re a technological savant or a backyard do-it-yourself-er, we’ll help make your dream a reality.

Our design team keeps your end goal in mind. We consider the manufacturing process before moving on from conception. This will save you time and money in the long run and keep your product sleek and user-friendly.


A prototype is an example of your initial idea. A one-of-a-kind model is used to test the feel and function of your product, as well as to attract investors. Physically holding the idea that once resided only in your head is a magical and invigorating experience. This is the moment you realize you’re one step closer to bringing your product to market.

Initially, a prototype is created in a 2D sketch, then a virtual, 3D model, until finally, it becomes a physical sample. This method allows you to test your invention, ensure its functionality and combat any problems before they arise. This step also takes the entire manufacturing process into account, saving you time and money in the long run.

Once you are satisfied with the prototype, it is then replicated on a mass scale in the manufacturing process.


The RedFox team has established partnerships with domestic as well as international factories. The seven US-based manufacturing plants provide high-quality control, shorter lead times, and easy shipping. The 18 Central America facilities offer lower labor costs and low or no-cost tariffs and trade agreements. Finally, the 33 Asian facilities offer low manufacturing and material costs with high capacity capabilities.

This multi-faceted approach gives you ample flexibility for all your needs. Whether you require a quick turnaround, local shipping, or low-cost materials, we have every option that fits your budget and goals.


Have you thought beyond your initial idea into sales and customer fulfillment? Who will manage and store your inventory? Who will set up your e-commerce storefront? Are you ready to negotiate shipping costs and handle customer care and returns? You don’t have to be. RedFox provides all these services and more.

Bringing a new product to market can be an exciting endeavor. Don’t let the complicated and overwhelming process get you down. RedFox Manufacturing is your partner for all your new product manufacturing needs, from conception to the sales floor.

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