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Classic Oldsmobile Questions and Answers

Are you someone who is interested in finding and purchasing restoration parts for classic cars? The older a car gets, the more difficult it can become to find the right parts. For cars that are especially sought after, such as classic Oldsmobiles, this can be even more difficult, as parts are often sold quickly to collectors.

Finding a good, trustworthy seller is a necessity to ensure your auto parts are authentic and functional. Here are a few tips from Anderson Restorations that will help you in finding the best parts

What Kind of Restoration Parts for Classic Cars Does Anderson Restorations Sell?

Anderson Restorations mainly deals with suspension kits, steering, and chassis parts. The company’s online store has more than 200 different complete kits. only procures genuine parts from leading brands across the world. All the kits satisfy the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

 How Can a Client Make a Purchase?

Anderson Restorations is an online store. A customer only needs to visit the company’s online shop at No need to travel. Just go through the online catalog and add the parts you need to your cart.

How Can Customers Pay for Their Orders?

Anderson Restorations has made the purchasing process as easy for you as possible. Buyers can pay for their order through MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, or Discover credit cards. The company does not accept personal checks, money orders, company checks, cash, or cashier’s checks. All international clients can only pay for their orders using PayPal.

Does Anderson Restorations Offer Shipping Services?

Yes. But the company only offers shipping services to buyers residing in the United States. International clients need to have a contact in the United States who can forward their orders to their country of residence. The company ships all orders through FedEx Ground. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii are delivered through the U.S. Postal Service. 

Why Are There no Shipping Services Outside of the U.S?

Anderson Restorations would love to extend shipping services to international clients. However, the cost involved in international shipping is too high. Transferring the cost to the client would mean selling the parts at a higher price. The client will be forced to compensate for custom charges, special packaging, shipping, and handling costs. Remember that the company wants to keep the cost of all parts as affordable as possible.

How Long Does it Take for an Order to Arrive?

Anderson Restorations has developed a robust delivery system to ensure that customers receive their purchases within the shortest time possible. Orders are typically delivered to buyers within 48 hours if they reside in the U.S.A. However, the company does not ship on holidays and weekends. All orders are shipped complete with no allowance for back-orders.

What if Parts Fail to Fit?

No need to worry. Anderson Restorations will make sure that you get parts that fit your Oldsmobile. Even if you have replaced your suspension or steering with other parts not issued from the factory, the company will do everything possible to get the correct kits for your oldie.

Can Clients Return Parts if they Don’t Fit Their Oldie?

If the client has a sufficient reason to return the parts, they are free to do so. However, the components must be returned undamaged or unused. All sales returns must have a preauthorization from the company. No returns are allowed after thirty days from the date of purchase. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

How Is the Quality of the Restoration Parts for Classic Cars Guaranteed?

The company ensures that all the parts sold to clients are in the proper condition. Anderson Restorations minds the clients’ safety and does not sell parts that have stayed on the shelves for a couple of years. The quality assurance team understands that such kits may contain rust, dust, and caked rubber parts. Client satisfaction is always a priority.

What if a Client Doesn’t Get Specific Parts for a particular Oldsmobile Brand?

Andersen Restorations is an auto parts e-commerce store that deals in restoration parts for classic cars. With over 30 years in the car restoration industry, Anderson Restorations has the best offers and deals for classic car parts. The company has everything you need to revamp your oldie, from complete suspension kits to steering and chassis parts.Anderson Restorations’ online store has more than 200 different complete suspension kits. The store rarely runs out of the most popular kits. But if you don’t find the parts you need, feel free to contact the company through e-mail. Include the make of your car, model, engine size, and year of manufacture. The company’s customer service team will respond to your e-mail within the day.If you still have more questions, do not hesitate to visit Anderson Restorations. The customer service team will be happy to attend to your needs. 

Effective Ways To Fix a Car Windshield

When it comes to cracks or chips on your car windshield, it sure is unpleasant seeing them as you drive. Whether caused by debris hitting your windshield or some other impact, cracks or chips can grow over time. If they grow too big, your entire windshield will need to be repaired or even replaced by professionals. 

The good news is that cracks and chips can be repaired at home with glass repair kits. Before trying that, first check to see if the crack or chip is small enough. If the chip is smaller than a quarter, then glass repair kits can benefit your windshield. The same is true for cracks that are three inches or less.

At ClearShield, we recommend many effective ways that will fix your car windshield. At the end of the day, it will help make your windshield good as new.

Use Super Glue Or Nail Polish To Stop The Crack Or Chip From Spreading

If looking for a temporary fix before repairing your windshield, then super glue or nail polish is for you. It is crucial to keep the chip or crack in your car from expanding. Nail polish or super glue helps accomplish that in advance of any future use of glass repair kits. 

For cracks, you want to use enough nail polish or super glue to fill in the crack. Make sure to also fill the ends well to prevent the further spread of cracks. When dealing with chips, you want to use enough of either to fill the chip evenly. Once you fill the chip, apply a small bit of either on the outside to prevent the chip from spreading.

Keep your car in the shade when applying the super glue or nail polish to your cracks or chips. Once you’re done with that, then move the car out of the shade to allow for them to dry.

Use Resin To Fill And Seal The Crack Or Chip

A crucial piece of glass repair kits is resin. Resin is a clear substance made from plants or trees used to make plastics, glue, inks, and other things. Resin is used for construction, adhesives, and floor decorations. It is also used to repair windshields for cars.

The best resin for repairing a windshield crack or chip is one that is not too thin, but not too thick. This is a big reason why we recommend Clear Shield Thin Resin. It is thin enough to inject into the break but thick enough to restore the windshield to its previous strength.

After you inject the thin resin into the chip or crack, use a thicker resin like the Pit Sealer Resin. This will help protect and seal the repair. In addition, it will prevent outside elements from penetrating the surface.

Use UV Light To Cure The Resin

Another important piece of glass repair kits is the curing light. A curing light is basically a UV light that helps harden the resin when used on it. It is crucial to cure the resin. Otherwise, the repair would all be for nothing. 

The ClearShield UV Curing Light and UV Flashlight are great at doing just that. On top of that, they are cordless, affordable, and they stick to the windshield via suctions. This removes the need for you to hold the flashlight for minutes. For the UV Flashlight, it comes battery installed and takes just one AA which can last for over 250 repairs. It can even be dropped without breaking.

All of this shows why this is the best UV light we have tested. It gets the job done as no other UV light does.

Use Professional Bridge To Help Assist Your Repair

A simple professional injector (bridge) is perhaps the most crucial piece of glass repair kits. This bridge is the fastest on the market for injecting resin into the chip. In addition, it is durable, easy to use, and does the job as well or better than other bridges. On top of that, it comes at a low price.

Before placing the bridge over the chip, use a pick or repair drill to open up the resin impact point. This will allow the resin to enter into the various parts of the chip. Make sure to wipe the area with a cloth and blowing out the drilled area before placing the bridge.

Once the bridge is placed, remove the piston and proceed to drop 4-5 drops of resin into the chamber. For large breaks, add a few more drops as needed and then slowly tighten the piston to inject the resin. When you see resin coming out of the chamber’s bottom, stop and let the pressure push resin into the cracks, If the resin stops progressing, slowly loosen the piston ½ turn and then tighten the screw back where it was and a ½ turn more. Repeat this process allow 30 seconds to a minute for the resin to fill.

Effective Car Windshield Repair Methods Make Your Car Feel Like New

It is clear that all these methods help your windshield and your overall car feel like new. They all help the resin get into the exact spots needed for effective repair that will last. Looking for effective results like these? Then consider the glass repair kits we offer here at ClearShield. With quality products like these, you’ll feel safe and proud with a super clear windshield as you cruise with comfort.