Month: April 2021

3 Good Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Your home’s windows make the space what it is. The natural lighting, airflow, and ambiance from windows keep your home feeling cozy. One home improvement project with numerous benefits is hiring a glass glazing company to help replace your windows. Here, we explore three of the advantages replacing your windows can bring you:

Keep Your Home Secure

Your home is the last place you want to feel unsafe. While we do all we can to keep out intruders by installing alarm systems and staying vigilant, sometimes your windows can be the most insecure port of entry in your home. To remedy this problem, consider opting for impact-resistant windows or panes with other security features. After all, you deserve to feel secure in your home.

Many of these window styles also prove useful in protecting against the elements, giving you the added bonus of weather-resistant windows. Should a window break, new technology can help prevent injury to your children or pets. Opting for windowpanes with increased security measures may mean paying a bit more in the short term, but the benefits are well worth the cost. With this added peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing your home is well-protected.

Increased Home Comfort, Decreased Bills

If you have older windows, chances are you lose a lot of heat and cold through them. With modern windows, you can preserve this air, meaning you’ll have to run the heater or air conditioning less often. Besides saving you money on your utility bills, new windows can provide you with a more stable indoor environment. The temperature inside will be less likely to fluctuate, increasing comfort inside your home for you and your family.

While it might seem contradictory to spend money to save money, you can expect to save up to 30% off your bills when you replace your windows. By carefully selecting factors like frame material and window style, you can also ensure a more energy-efficient home. Energy-efficient features are highly sought-after in today’s market, making your home more desirable to you and potential buyers.

Boost Your Home Value With a Glass Glazing Company

Sleek new windows can provide you with excellent curb appeal, enhancing the value of your house and yard. Your neighbors will envy your new windows, and every time you pull in your driveway, you’ll be proud to call your house home. To ensure your windows look top-notch, consider hiring a glass glazing company like Desert Empire Mirror & Glass to fit and install your panes.

If you plan to resell your house in the future, replacing your windows is an excellent investment. Research shows that when their houses were sold, homeowners could earn back nearly half of their original investment. And that’s not counting the benefits you’ve reaped from your time living in the house! In a world where not all home improvement projects offer a good return on your investment, this is one project well worth the initial price.

How Many Wifi Access Points Do You Need?

In the world of internet-driven business, voice and data technology solutions are key to success. Wireless connections are vital to getting work done, reaching customers, and making sales. To maintain good Wi-Fi signals wherever they’re needed, many businesses use Wi-Fi access points. Read on to find out what access points are, how they work, and how they could benefit you. 

What is an Access Point?

A Wi-Fi router is supposed to provide a wireless internet signal to any device in the area. As most of us have experienced, a single router sometimes does not provide a strong enough connection. A Wi-Fi access point is a device that you can use to extend the reach of your wireless network. 

How do Access Points Work?

Wireless access points work by connecting to the Internet via Ethernet cables. When they are connected to the network, the access points create their own wireless signal (1). Network users can then connect their computers and other devices through the access point’s signal. 

What are the Benefits of Access Points?

There are a number of ways to take care of a slow or weak Wi-Fi signal. If you need to improve your wireless network, you may be wondering if access points are the best solution for your business. While they aren’t the only way to solve a connectivity problem, access points come with a wide range of benefits.

Reliable Connection

One of the best benefits of Wi-Fi access points is how reliable the signal can be. Some businesses and individuals use Wi-Fi extenders to extend their network’s reach. These devices relay the signal from the router so that it reaches areas the router can’t. Unfortunately, using an extender often results in losing about half of your speed (1). Unlike extenders, access points are wired. They create their own network instead of trying to extend the one that is already there.

Connection Over Longer Distance

Access points are also great for extending your network over long distances. For example, access points are perfect for a large office building. You can place an access point wherever there is an Ethernet outlet. No more relying on a single router or an extender to connect a whole floor!

Support for Many Users

Another major benefit that comes with access points is the ability to support a lot of users and devices at the same time. This is another reason why access points are a great option for large offices. People can connect from anywhere in the building and move around without worrying about losing their connection (1). 

Find a Provider for Voice and Data Technology Solutions

Internet issues can be a major headache, especially in the context of business. Access points can help you solve any problems by making sure that your signal is strong wherever you need it. When shopping for access points, it’s important to know that you’re getting the best equipment. Going through a company like NTS Direct is a sure way to get great products for great prices.

Since NTS Direct carries many brands, their service is solution-focused. They’ll listen to what you need and help you find the best products for your business needs. With Wi-Fi access points, you can improve your network and your bottom line.


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Wi-fi Extenders vs Access Points: Which is Better?

Good wireless connectivity is important to everyone who uses Wi-Fi, but sometimes, one router just doesn’t do the job. Extenders, or access points from manufacturers like Grandstream, can help you make your Wi-Fi work better from anywhere in the building. Read on to compare the merits of extenders and access points, and to find out how you can get what you need from a top-tier Grandstream reseller. 

What is a Wi-Fi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender, also called a repeater, is a device that relays the wifi signal from a router. For example, you may have a router in one room, but the signal isn’t strong enough on the other side of your office. A Wi-Fi extender connects wirelessly to the first router’s signal and bounces it back. The extender must be plugged in at a location about between the router and where you want the signal to reach (1). 

What is an Access Point?

An access point is another way to extend the reach of your network. An access point is a device that connects to the Internet using Ethernet cables. People can then connect computers and other devices to the network through the access point. Unlike extenders, access points are wired in.  If you use access points, you create a new network instead of extending the one that’s already there (1). 

Which is Better? 

Extenders and access points both work to expand the reach of your wireless network. There are a few factors to consider when deciding which solution is best for you and your business.

Extenders are a great solution when you’re working with a relatively small space, like a small office. They are inexpensive and simple to use. The only thing you need to do is plug the device into an outlet. However, extenders can be less reliable because the connection is not wired. If they aren’t placed perfectly to pick up the router signal, they can slow things down. 

Access points are considerably more expensive than extenders, but they are more reliable. With an extender, you may experience up to 50% loss in connectivity (1). With access points, signal quality and speed shouldn’t suffer at all. Access points are a great solution for larger spaces where efficiency is important. Since each point sends out its own Wi-Fi signal, access points can support hundreds of connections at the same time (1). 

Ultimately, your needs dictate whether an access point or an extender is best for your business. Extenders are less expensive but less reliable. Access points are more expensive but work better for larger buildings and organizations. 

Get Your Equipment from a Grandstream Reseller

Whether you go with an extender or an access point, it is important to get your equipment from a reliable source. Grandstream is one of the best brands in the business. According to NTS Direct, a long-standing Grandstream reseller, Grandstream access points are a great choice because they can work with third-party routers and whatever network you already have. 

Extending your Wi-Fi network’s reach can be a major boon for your business. Whatever method you choose, make sure you get the most for your money by shopping the best equipment.


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