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Effective Ways To Fix a Car Windshield

When it comes to cracks or chips on your car windshield, it sure is unpleasant seeing them as you drive. Whether caused by debris hitting your windshield or some other impact, cracks or chips can grow over time. If they grow too big, your entire windshield will need to be repaired or even replaced by professionals. 

The good news is that cracks and chips can be repaired at home with glass repair kits. Before trying that, first check to see if the crack or chip is small enough. If the chip is smaller than a quarter, then glass repair kits can benefit your windshield. The same is true for cracks that are three inches or less.

At ClearShield, we recommend many effective ways that will fix your car windshield. At the end of the day, it will help make your windshield good as new.

Use Super Glue Or Nail Polish To Stop The Crack Or Chip From Spreading

If looking for a temporary fix before repairing your windshield, then super glue or nail polish is for you. It is crucial to keep the chip or crack in your car from expanding. Nail polish or super glue helps accomplish that in advance of any future use of glass repair kits. 

For cracks, you want to use enough nail polish or super glue to fill in the crack. Make sure to also fill the ends well to prevent the further spread of cracks. When dealing with chips, you want to use enough of either to fill the chip evenly. Once you fill the chip, apply a small bit of either on the outside to prevent the chip from spreading.

Keep your car in the shade when applying the super glue or nail polish to your cracks or chips. Once you’re done with that, then move the car out of the shade to allow for them to dry.

Use Resin To Fill And Seal The Crack Or Chip

A crucial piece of glass repair kits is resin. Resin is a clear substance made from plants or trees used to make plastics, glue, inks, and other things. Resin is used for construction, adhesives, and floor decorations. It is also used to repair windshields for cars.

The best resin for repairing a windshield crack or chip is one that is not too thin, but not too thick. This is a big reason why we recommend Clear Shield Thin Resin. It is thin enough to inject into the break but thick enough to restore the windshield to its previous strength.

After you inject the thin resin into the chip or crack, use a thicker resin like the Pit Sealer Resin. This will help protect and seal the repair. In addition, it will prevent outside elements from penetrating the surface.

Use UV Light To Cure The Resin

Another important piece of glass repair kits is the curing light. A curing light is basically a UV light that helps harden the resin when used on it. It is crucial to cure the resin. Otherwise, the repair would all be for nothing. 

The ClearShield UV Curing Light and UV Flashlight are great at doing just that. On top of that, they are cordless, affordable, and they stick to the windshield via suctions. This removes the need for you to hold the flashlight for minutes. For the UV Flashlight, it comes battery installed and takes just one AA which can last for over 250 repairs. It can even be dropped without breaking.

All of this shows why this is the best UV light we have tested. It gets the job done as no other UV light does.

Use Professional Bridge To Help Assist Your Repair

A simple professional injector (bridge) is perhaps the most crucial piece of glass repair kits. This bridge is the fastest on the market for injecting resin into the chip. In addition, it is durable, easy to use, and does the job as well or better than other bridges. On top of that, it comes at a low price.

Before placing the bridge over the chip, use a pick or repair drill to open up the resin impact point. This will allow the resin to enter into the various parts of the chip. Make sure to wipe the area with a cloth and blowing out the drilled area before placing the bridge.

Once the bridge is placed, remove the piston and proceed to drop 4-5 drops of resin into the chamber. For large breaks, add a few more drops as needed and then slowly tighten the piston to inject the resin. When you see resin coming out of the chamber’s bottom, stop and let the pressure push resin into the cracks, If the resin stops progressing, slowly loosen the piston ½ turn and then tighten the screw back where it was and a ½ turn more. Repeat this process allow 30 seconds to a minute for the resin to fill.

Effective Car Windshield Repair Methods Make Your Car Feel Like New

It is clear that all these methods help your windshield and your overall car feel like new. They all help the resin get into the exact spots needed for effective repair that will last. Looking for effective results like these? Then consider the glass repair kits we offer here at ClearShield. With quality products like these, you’ll feel safe and proud with a super clear windshield as you cruise with comfort.

What Does Veterinary Disability Insurance Cover?

You’ve worked hard to earn your DVM and start a career caring for animals. You probably envision practicing veterinary medicine until it is time to retire, but what if life has other plans? Just as each day working as a vet is unpredictable, the unpredictability of life is exactly why you need disability insurance for practicing veterinarians.

What is the Purpose of Disability Insurance for Practicing Veterinarians?

Everyone understands life insurance, it’s easy. Upon death, the insured person’s benefits get paid out to their beneficiaries. It’s a way to continue providing for loved ones after you are gone. But disability insurance is more difficult to understand. With waiting periods, riders, differing coverages, and meeting qualifications, it can be very confusing.

Simply put, disability insurance protects your income if you should become unable to work due to an unexpected health problem or injury.  A permanent disability can be emotionally and financially devastating and can force you into an early retirement you were not prepared for. But permanent disability isn’t the only concern. A temporary injury or illness may disrupt your income stream—and that of your staff—for several weeks or months.

Just a few weeks of missed or reduced appointments could cause you to fall behind financially.  Disability insurance can protect you, your practice, and your employees.

Short-Term or Long-Term Disability Insurance Coverage? 

The first decision to make is whether you want to purchase a short-term insurance policy or a long-term plan. Short-term disability insurance provides benefits for up to six months. Vets looking for coverage during maternity leave or a debilitating but short-term health crisis might opt for short-term disability insurance. It can make good financial sense if you don’t have enough savings to take you through a planned disability. 

In most cases, veterinarians choose long-term disability for the most protection. When planning for long-term coverage, you can customize your policy to meet your personal and professional needs. 

Selecting Coverage Options  

Exactly what disability insurance covers depends on your individual policy. In general, even a basic policy will replace a large portion of your income, allowing you to cover living expenses like mortgage and car payments and some work-related bills. Riders or “add ons” you might also consider for broader coverage include:

  • Future Purchase Option—This rider is typically purchased by students still in veterinarian school or new vets just starting their practice. It enables you to purchase more coverage at a later date without going through the process of underwriting again.
  • Business Overhead Expense – If you own or are a partner in your practice, a business overhead expense rider will help you cover monthly business expenses while your illness/injury continues to impede your ability to work.
  • Benefit Guarantee – The benefit period for your policy may have a set timeframe of only five or ten years. After that time, the policy is expired unless you select a benefit guarantee to age 65. With this rider, you will be protected throughout your entire career, not just a few years.
  • Student Loan Protector — This rider specifically provides money to continue making student loan payments if your income decreases because of disability. 

For more information about what disability insurance for veterinarians does and doesn’t cover and how to choose the policy that works best for you, contact us to request a quote or schedule a free consultation.

Renters Insurance May Cover More Than You Think

Renters insurance is an insurance policy that protects renters and their things. Most policies cover a wide range of situations. You probably have a good idea of what’s covered, but some things may surprise you! Read on to find out exactly what protection your policy can give you.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover? 

Renters policies usually include three kinds of coverage. Here is a quick rundown of what most policies cover.

Coverage for Your Things

Renters insurance can cover the cost of your things if they are damaged or destroyed. Covered events fall into a few categories: weather and natural events, external events, and household incidents. 

Weather-related events include things like wind, hail, smoke, fire, or even volcanic eruptions. Some covered external events are explosions and damage from planes, cars, or falling objects. Covered household incidents include things like damage from broken pipes or electrical problems (1). 

As you can see, a renters policy can be a great safety net. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you can file a claim and breathe a sigh of relief. However, the benefits of renters insurance go much further than taking care of your things. Here are a couple of other ways your policy can protect you.

Liability Coverage

People who own homes and businesses have to carry liability insurance. Property owners can be sued for any accidents or injuries that happen on their property.

Many renters don’t know that they can be held responsible for accidents on the property they rent. Most policies include liability coverage in case something like this happens (1). If someone is hurt and sues you, your insurance can help you cover the costs.

Coverage for Living Costs

Any of the events listed above can cause some serious damage. In some situations, you may need to leave while your home is repaired or cleaned. If you can’t stay in your home, your policy can cover the cost of a hotel, food, and anything else you need while you wait to go back home (1). Having to leave your home is stressful. This coverage in your renters policy can make it a lot easier. 

Losses Outside of Your Home

Renters insurance doesn’t stop at your front door. Most policies also include some coverage for losses that happen when you’re away from home (1). If someone breaks into your car and steals your laptop, you can file a claim. This also stands if someone steals something from you while you’re out. For example, if a thief takes your camera bag at an event, your renters policy can cover it.

Get Covered

Now that you know what your policy can cover, it’s time to protect yourself! If you’re in the Raleigh area, Dan Thompson Agency can help you prepare for life’s curveballs. We have been serving our friends and neighbors for nearly 30 years, and we want to offer you our expert advice. Protect your peace of mind – give us a call today! 


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What Should You Do If Your Bathroom Mirror Breaks

Of all the mirrors in a home, the bathroom mirror is probably the most important. Can you imagine getting ready in the morning without one? If your bathroom mirror is broken or damaged, don’t panic, call a glass glazing company to learn about the best repair and replacement options.

Can I Fix a Broken Mirror Myself?

The short answer is probably not. In fact, you could make the damage worse by trying. Whether it’s a small crack or more obvious damage, resist the urge to repair the break yourself. Mirror glass is extremely sharp. Even smooth-looking shards can cause painful cuts. Do not try to remove the mirror. For safety, carefully sweep up any loose bits and place them in a container just in case they are needed later. Take a close-up photo of the damage and one of the entire mirror. Some good visual images will help a professional glazer assess the damage and advise you on how to proceed before scheduling an on-site visit. 

When is it Time to Call a Glass Glazing Company?

A broken mirror may seem like a lost cause, but an experienced professional has the knowledge and the equipment to recommend a treatment plan. If the damage is minor, such as a hairline crack, the mirror may be restorable. But if the breakage is more serious, replacement will probably be recommended.

A standard off-the-shelf mirror may not require the services of a highly trained professional, but repairing/replacing a custom or heirloom mirror is a more complex project. Remember, repair involves more than just the glass itself. The frame and surrounding tile, or drywall, may also be affected. If the piece has special sentimental value, take heart. A professional contractor may offer restoration options you hadn’t considered.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before hiring a glazier. A reputable company with experienced contractors will be happy to provide the information you need. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Have you ever repaired/replaced a mirror like mine before?
  • Does your company guarantee their work?
  • Are you a licensed glazier?
  • How many years of experience do you have in the field?
  • What kind of warranty does your company offer?

Replacements and Upgrades

Sometimes an accident turns out to be a positive experience. If your broken mirror needs to be replaced, it’s a perfect time to upgrade. Mirrors are not only functional, their reflection adds light and a sense of space to a room. Placement and size of the mirror can make an enormous impact on the overall aesthetic of the space. The mirror itself can become a focal point by selecting an interesting shape or updating the frame. The advice and expertise of a reputable glass company can help you turn a broken mirror into a better room.

If you’ve been living with a cracked or damaged mirror because you weren’t sure what to do about it, contact Desert Empire Mirror & Glass. We are a family-owned glazing company and specialize in custom glass and mirrors. Our friendly staff is here to help.

Most Recommended Neighborhoods for People Moving to Utah

Most Recommended Neighborhoods for People Moving to Utah

Between the raw supply of talent from nearby universities, the low cost of living, property tax incentives, and gorgeous scenery, Utah has always had a big appeal to entrepreneurs. The tech industry is positively booming, so both major companies and tech professionals alike are relocating to Utah right now. 

Finding the right home for your budget and the right location for your personality and needs from a distance isn’t always easy, however.  We’ve talked before about the top neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. Now, let’s talk about the best neighborhoods for those in the tech scene, like LehiDraperDaylightHerriman, and parts of Salt Lake City


One of the principal communities in the area dubbed the “Silicon Slopes,” Lehi is one of the primary locations for high-visibility tech companies like Adobe, Ancestry, Vivint, and Qualtrics. 

Lehi is also one of the prettiest places in the state. Somewhat conservative in nature, Lehi is home to many new graduates from design and development programs and young families alike. With the beautiful Timpanogos behind it, it’s no surprise that Lehi is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. 

If you prefer a more rural feel, there are plenty of smaller communities around Lehi to investigate. Alpine, Eagle Mountain, and Saratoga Springs are all nearby, and they offer a less-congested environment that still gives residents easy access to the restaurants, entertainment, and work environments they need.

In the words of one resident, “

Lehi and the surrounding area is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of Utah. If you want to make your name in the tech industry, it’s probably the most exciting place you can be.”

Draper and Herriman

When you’re trying to find a balance between your work life and your home life, you probably can’t do better than Draper or Herriman. 

Both communities are located within an easy commute of either Lehi or Salt Lake City. Draper has excellent schools and a suburban atmosphere. It also enjoys a great reputation as a family-friendly area with well-maintained homes and plenty of peace and quiet. 

Herriman is perfect for people who love hiking or the great outdoors due to the easily accessible mountain trails and plenty of parks. It has a small-town feel and a rural atmosphere without being isolated. It’s also easy to find larger homes here with three or four bedrooms, which makes the neighborhood particularly attractive to families.

One native to the area said, “

If you want a home that gives you the most bang for your buck and a safe community for your family, this area is perfect. It’s not trendy or hip, but there are plenty of family restaurants and community activities.”


Daybreak is another neighborhood in Utah that offers an exceptional work-life balance, but it deserves a separate mention because it is so unique. 

Developed as a planned community in 2004, Daybreak has since gained national acclaim for its ability to encourage healthy living and a thriving local economy. The well-kept area homes are usually spacious with large porches, and there are plenty of amenities within walking distance. The area exudes a combination of affluence and comfort that draws many families who want access to the larger cities in Utah without being right in the thick of things.

One neighborhood resident of Daybreak says, “

The area is nice and the neighbors are friendly. Half are from Utah and the other half are transplants. In the summer, we go to the ponds and play in the sand, and the HOA offers all the amenities you could want.”

Downtown Salt Lake City

Unlike many urban areas, the Downtown neighborhood is clean and well-maintained. It’s also filled with housing opportunities, whether you prefer a modern condo within walking distance of the area’s trendiest restaurants and boutiques or a stately street filled with quaint homes and historic bungalows. 

If you’re looking for an affordable, eclectic area that’s still close to the city, consider Sugar House, Capital Hill, and 9th and 9th for your new home. All three neighborhoods offer affordable housing that’s still close to the action in the city and a unique, eclectic vibe that embraces artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs alike. The proximity to the University of Utah gives the entire area a youthful vibe and eclectic energy that residents appreciate.

As one area resident put it, “

The area is more than a name. It’s a mentality. Esoteric, artsy, and fun, but never dull. It has all the amenities you can hope for…shopping, restaurants, bars, and events.”

Our Harvest Park Group realtors know the neighborhoods and real estate offerings in Utah extremely well because we live and work in the area. Because the real estate market is booming, it pays to have an experienced professional negotiating on your behalf when you’re relocating to Utah.

What is Disability Insurance For Veterinarians?

Are you a veterinarian who is looking to protect your financial future? If this best describes you, then you’re in the right place. One great option that will help work wonders in achieving your goal is disability insurance for veterinarians.

Here at TPVS, we strive to provide veterinarian clients with solutions that help address their financial and insurance needs. In this article, we’ll talk about what disability insurance for veterinarians works and how it can work for you. Let’s go ahead and get started, shall we?

What Disability Insurance Is All About?

There is no doubt that disability insurance is an important aspect of any financial plan. Disability insurance pays you a monthly benefit that helps cover expenses if you become too sick or hurt to work. Like others in the medical industry, having this type of valuable coverage is a huge deal. Having disability insurance will go a long way in helping vets protect their future income. This makes it essential for vets to take action in obtaining disability insurance to ensure a bright financial future.

What Should A Vet Look For In Disability Insurance Coverage?

When it comes to choosing disability insurance coverage, you need to look at three things. First, you need to look to plans that are specifically for vets. You also want to ensure that any potential policy covers you both on and off the job. Lastly, you want to have individual coverage that will follow you from job to job. Taking these steps helps go a long way in protecting your future income no matter what the case is. 

The type of insurance plans we offer at TPVS is unlike what other agents or companies offer. We offer disability insurance that is tailored to the specific needs of veterinarians. With options like these, you’ll have your financial needs met exactly how you like them.

When Should You Seek To Get Disability Insurance?

When looking to obtain a disability insurance policy, it’s crucial that you act as early in your career as possible. By doing so, you will go a long way in securing a policy at a price that works best for you. Price is determined by age and health. This is especially the case for females who pay more for a policy than males. 

They can overcome this by acting early which will help them obtain a policy at a fair price. You also want to look for special programs that have discounts around graduation. This will help give you an advantage as you seek an insurance plan. With that said, the younger you act, the better it will be for you..

Can You Still Receive Policy Benefits If You Work In Another Field?

Many have wondered if they can still obtain policy benefits if they go on to work in another occupation. To address this, you sure can. It all comes down to obtaining a policy that is specific to the type of veterinary field you’re in.

Let’s say that you get injured or are too sick to work in your veterinary field. You can still get to receive benefits even if you go on to work in another vet field or job. There are some policies that refer to this as Own Practice. The best part is that you’ll get monthly benefits even if able to work in a different field. On top of that, there will be no reduction in benefits despite being able to work in another role.

Are There Options For Vets Outside Of Traditional Policies

When it comes to disability insurance for veterinarians, there are non-traditional options available to those with unique needs. If you’re going into corporate practice but want an individual plan, then that choice is there for you. With TPVS, we can help you obtain an individual plan that works best for you while in corporate practice. Of course, do act early in your career in order to obtain a policy at the best price for you.

There are also options for you if you’re looking to be a partner or start your own practice. This will help you meet your payroll and lease in the event that you become sick or injured on the job. Options like these are a great lifeline to have no matter the non-traditional route that you’re in.

Can You Increase Your Coverage Later On In Your Career?

There will be times in your career that your income will increase. With disability insurance for veterinarians, you want to have a policy that gives you the option to increase your coverage. This is what is called a future increase option (FIO) or a benefits update (BU). This lets you bump up the amount of your benefits as your earnings increase. 

An FIO or BU is a vital option to have especially if you’re just starting your career.  It is likely that you’ll be earning more income down the road so having that option will come in handy later in your career. In most cases, you will only need to provide proof of income while not having to show proof of medical insurability. This goes a long way in protecting your income down the road.

Going With The Right Choice Ensures Future Income Security

Without question, keeping each of these thoughts in mind will ensure that the plan you select works best for you. At the same time, it will go a long way in ensuring that your present and future income is secure. In the end, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re in great hands now and in the future.

Here at TPVS, we strive to help students and vets meet their unique challenges. We’re proud to provide top resources about disability insurance for veterinarians. To learn more about how we can meet your specific needs, sign up here to request a free quote. With the amazing options we offer, you’ll rest easy knowing that your hard work will be protected throughout your career.

Mirrors and More: Bathroom Trends to Polish Your Space

Bathrooms are important rooms. Most of us spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom getting ready for the day or unwinding in the evening. As with any space in your home, looks are important. A personalized touch from a custom glass glazing company can make your bathroom even more inviting. 

Revamp Your Space

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? A simple change or two can breathe new life into a space. Here are a couple of ways to use glass to modernize your bathroom.

Change Your Shower Look

A change in shower design can change the look of a bathroom instantly. The shower is often the centerpiece of the room. This year, simple sophistication is the name of the game. Corner showers are a great option for clean lines and space-saving pieces (1).

If you already like your shower glass, you can still change the look without doing anything drastic – have your glass frosted! Frosted glass doors are timeless and work with any decor scheme.

Another great trend is the frameless shower. Frameless shower enclosures are showers with glass walls that have no visible edge. They offer an ultra-modern, less-is-more look. 

Create a Two-in-One Enclosure

Bathrooms with a separate shower and soaking tub often feel luxurious. Some homeowners take this luxury a step further. Create a spa experience by expanding your shower enclosure to include a freestanding bathtub. This look is especially striking with frameless glass. Frosted glass is even better if you like the feeling of added privacy, or if you like softer light inside the enclosure.

Add New Mirrors

A mirror is another piece of glass that can completely change the look of a bathroom. A wall of mirrors behind your vanity can make your space look and feel bigger. This move can also amplify your bathroom lighting by adding a lot of reflection. For even more illusion and light, add mirrors to two adjacent walls so the mirrors meet in the middle. 

A mirror can also be a statement piece. Framed mirrors can add functional character, while frameless ones can enhance a sleek style. Sharp corners can accentuate angles in walls, sinks, and bathtubs, while rounded corners or round mirrors can soften these angles. 

Work With a Custom Glass Glazing Company

When you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom glass, make sure you get the quality work you deserve. Choosing a custom glass glazing company will ensure that your vision comes to life exactly as you want it.

At Desert Empire Mirror and Glass, your imagination is the only limit. Desert Empire is located in Indio, and they have been providing custom glass work to clients in the Coachella Valley for over ten years. Their specialities include custom shower glass and mirrors, along with wine rooms, storefronts, and more. Whatever your design goals are, Desert Empire is ready to help you realize them. Contact them today and create the bathroom of your dreams. 


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